time is fleeting

those moments we share



with people we love

and come to cherish

sharing moments with

all in the blink of an eye


those moments once

taken far too lightly

pressed for time

fighting off that

malaise aligned to socialize

leaving only deep regrets


wishing to have made

an attempt

that phone call


it all ebbs and flows

in one direction

as time is a linear thing

one can look back

but only to a place

they can never return

because time changes

people change

and even the moments we share

with those we love

may end up simply in despair

you can sense it

feel it as your arm hairs raise

they are still here

but the air is different

and the sentiment is gone

and nostalgia is all that remains

just a memory in the ether

yearning for what once was

no more



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Trying to make sense of the insanity that is modern society through musings and poetry.