Eavesdropping [a poem]

listening around this room

people all around, talking

speaking about the happenings of the day

about last nights game

tom brady going back to the superbowl

about how her arm has been paining her

about getting old

another couple walks in

60s, educated, well-dressed, somber

husband walks up to reception

while the wife waits in the lounge

in the section serving cancer patients

her foot twitches, eyes telling all

the beginning of the end

swimming around that neural pool

reminiscing in silence

the husband sits across from her

glances at his phone, as does she. silent

he mentions the lawsuit about Giuliani

she nods in acknowledgement, but clearly doesn’t care

my own thoughts swirl about

somewhat listening

mostly observing

thinking about the day-to-day routines

the automatics, the subconscious

the things that we do all the time

but never actually think about

what is the purpose of all of this

the days-in and days-out

humans are great at surviving

but not that great at living

I see it looking around

our actions and routines are as thoughtless

as a suction of air filling our lungs

and we continue to dance

a marionette on a string

we are pulling away at ourselves

thread by thread, fiber by fiber

until we are no more



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