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Trying to make sense of the insanity that is modern society through musings and poetry.
A photo captured in Kolkata, India, en route between one location and another. Candid.


what a curious concept

Memorial Day. The day of remembrance for those who fought and died in service of our country. Remembering how they valiantly fought for freedom and liberation all around the world, in wars that were sold as being righteous.

WWI US Troops — photo:

Let me ask you, when was the last time the US actually declared a war? Officially, through Congress? That would be World War II. And in my humble opinion, that was probably the last time, unfortunately, that the US has fought for a legitimately good cause, albeit very late to the party.

It has become almost a meme at this point of the U.S. getting involved in other countries’ affairs. “Let’s drop some democracy on them!”

Whether that is through military invention, drone strikes, assassinations of key figures (Soleimani), election “interference”, arming of various militia or rebel groups within a country, sanctions, surrounding said country(ies) with military bases (Iran is a great example), etc — the United States has no shortage of countries that it engages with.

Integrity: the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness.

listening around this room

the folks who roam these halls
kempt and well groomed
light streaks of comb lines
laced with hair spray
fresh pressed suit
with complementary tie
or a pant suit
with expensive shoes
clickity clack down the corridor
noisy reminders of self-importance
echoing along the veneer plastered
walls and picture frames
of ever-more self importance
their names extending
by forever increasing job titles
a Viagra to promote one’s career
the cherry to be deliciously popped
splintered into oblivion
like this so-called life they have made
it shall disintegrate into the wind
only to be dusted away by
the pass of a floor sweeper


time is fleeting

A fine post from 2016, but my sentiments remain through 2020.

I am exhausted. From this current election cycle dating back to early 2019, to the 2016 cycle and everything that has happened since (RUSSIA, IMPEACHMENT, HILLARY FOR PRISON, CHINA, RUSSIA…. yack yack yack).

Cats play-fighting. Thought this was about as meaningless as our petty propaganda fueled, partisan laden arguments, that rarely lead to productive or positive changes. | Credit: rihaij (

Let me begin by expressedly mentioning that this piece is not written with the intent to attack, or take the side of Trump or Obama, or any political side for that matter. But rather, I would like to ruminate over the cult of personality phenomenon in the realm of politics.


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