It has become almost a meme at this point of the U.S. getting involved in other countries’ affairs. “Let’s drop some democracy on them!”

Whether that is through military invention, drone strikes, assassinations of key figures (Soleimani), election “interference”, arming of various militia or rebel groups within a country, sanctions, surrounding said country(ies) with military bases (Iran is a great example), etc — the United States has no shortage of countries that it engages with.

Not quite sure when this became a thing, but at some point, this country found it to be okay to function as the “World’s Police”…

Integrity: the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness.

In the context of politics, this would be the ability to speak up or out against someone or something even if it runs contrary to one’s own political interest, political affiliation, or political party. Speaking up in these contexts may strain relationships (financial or otherwise), sabotage potential career opportunities, or even may end one’s political career entirely. But, it doesn’t change the fact that it was still the right thing to do. And that should be enough reason to do so in the vast majority of contexts…

listening around this room

people all around, talking

speaking about the happenings of the day

about last nights game

tom brady going back to the superbowl

about how her arm has been paining her

about getting old

another couple walks in

60s, educated, well-dressed, somber

husband walks up to reception

while the wife waits in the lounge

in the section serving cancer patients

her foot twitches, eyes telling all

the beginning of the end

swimming around that neural pool

reminiscing in silence

the husband sits across from her

glances at his phone, as does she. silent

he mentions the lawsuit…

the folks who roam these halls
kempt and well groomed
light streaks of comb lines
laced with hair spray
fresh pressed suit
with complementary tie
or a pant suit
with expensive shoes
clickity clack down the corridor
noisy reminders of self-importance
echoing along the veneer plastered
walls and picture frames
of ever-more self importance
their names extending
by forever increasing job titles
a Viagra to promote one’s career
the cherry to be deliciously popped
splintered into oblivion
like this so-called life they have made
it shall disintegrate into the wind
only to be dusted away by
the pass of a floor sweeper


Just waiting around

time is fleeting

those moments we share



with people we love

and come to cherish

sharing moments with

all in the blink of an eye


those moments once

taken far too lightly

pressed for time

fighting off that

malaise aligned to socialize

leaving only deep regrets


wishing to have made

an attempt

that phone call


it all ebbs and flows

in one direction

as time is a linear thing

one can look back

but only to a place

they can never return

because time changes

people change

and even the moments we share

with those…

A fine post from 2016, but my sentiments remain through 2020.

I am exhausted. From this current election cycle dating back to early 2019, to the 2016 cycle and everything that has happened since (RUSSIA, IMPEACHMENT, HILLARY FOR PRISON, CHINA, RUSSIA…. yack yack yack).

What I have seen across the political spectrum is this willful partisan ignorance, coupled with bipartisan support for nonsensical, and purposely blind takes on very real issues. And this constant pandering to stupid cultural issues rather than tackle actual issues like the economy, healthcare, war, and assaults on civil liberties, just turns my brain into a chaotic mush.

I have noticed in recent months a sense of…

Cats play-fighting. Thought this was about as meaningless as our petty propaganda fueled, partisan laden arguments, that rarely lead to productive or positive changes. | Credit: rihaij (

Let me begin by expressedly mentioning that this piece is not written with the intent to attack, or take the side of Trump or Obama, or any political side for that matter. But rather, I would like to ruminate over the cult of personality phenomenon in the realm of politics.

So firstly, what does this phrase “Cult of Personality” actually mean? According to Merriam-Webster, it is, “a situation in which a public figure (such as a political leader) is deliberately presented to the people of a country as a great person who should be admired and loved.”

Without getting too…

Joachim Wtewael — The Battle Between the Gods and the Titans

I wish people would stop putting their religious beliefs ahead of their love for friends and family. There is even this notion that religious law takes precedent over secular law in many religious communities (Christian, Islam, and Judaism).

So many conflicts that happen in the world are primarily due to these deeply held beliefs that quite literally have no basis in reality: ie, no way to determine who is right or wrong. So conflicts persist; interpersonal strife among believers, non-believers, and wrong-believers continue; claims over so-called “holy land” perpetuates violent divisions, antiquated forms of persecution reign. …

Protesters hold up signs to traffic on Park Square in Pittsfield, Mass., supporting impeachment articles against President Trump to be passed in n Congress, Tuesday, December 17, 2019. (Ben Garver/The Berkshire Eagle via AP)

I understand why folks are applauding the impeachment of Trump, I really do. He is offensive, repulsive at times, seemingly irrational, and on certain fronts, makes awful policy decisions. I get it. However, just a few points for thought.

Firstly, if he were to actually be removed, waiting on the sidelines is an actual theocrat, who is an actual “conservative” at heart with conservative convictions. …

Anyone who watched the 2016 Republican Primaries has to remember the legendary one-liners that Trump crafted seemingly on the fly. From Lyin’ Ted, Little Marco, and Low Energy Jeb. So I wondered how would the major candidates in this year’s democratic field stack up against him in a debate?

It is difficult to know whether these were nicknames that Trump came up with during the debates themselves, or were created premeditatedly. Either way, these nicknames stuck to the respective candidates, and in many ways, ended up defining their campaigns. …


Trying to make sense of the insanity that is modern society. I enjoy playing the devil’s advocate for the sake of argument. Not a fan of authoritarians.

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