A photo captured in Kolkata, India, en route between one location and another. Candid.


a state of mind

hesitating to subsist

luxuries are unnecessary

extravagant poverty

a disgusting display

of material waste

neural kneejerk


indignant-borne frugality

even the air

is of unnatural quality

and the dirt

laced with debris

like a mirror

light facing

where the trash shall lay

in my eyes

where even a kleenex

isn’t worth it



the folks who roam these halls
kempt and well groomed
light streaks of comb lines
laced with hair spray
fresh pressed suit
with complementary tie
or a pant suit
with expensive shoes
clickity clack down the corridor
noisy reminders of self-importance
echoing along the veneer plastered
walls and picture frames
of ever-more self importance
their names extending
by forever increasing job titles
a Viagra to promote one’s career
the cherry to be deliciously popped
splintered into oblivion
like this so-called life they have made
it shall disintegrate into the wind
only to be dusted away by
the pass of a floor sweeper






Trying to make sense of the insanity that is modern society through musings and poetry.